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Liege - Brescia - Liege

11-22 juli 2018 - Bel - Duitsl - Oos - It - Slo

It's the Microcars' turn again!

For the Diamond Jubilee of the original Liège-Brescia-Liège we go back to our roots with the ultimate rally for microcars. This unmissable event will relive the joys and challenges of our first event in 2008.

The principal event will be for exactly the same cars and classes as in 1958 and the only cars eligible will be those of a type identical to cars that would have been eligible in 1958 - up to 500cc with classes for up to 250cc and up to 350cc - plus three-wheel versions if mechanically identical (due to the vagaries of international competition rules, in 1958 3-wheelers couldn't compete against 4-wheelers - well, they can in our events!). That's all Berkeleys other than B95/105s, Messerschmitt KR200s and Tigers, Isettas, Heinkels, Zundapp Januses, Friskies, suicide-door Fiat 500s, early 2CVs, Isard/Goggomobil 300s and 400s, and more.

There will be a secondary event run alongside, but entirely separate with its own prizes, for microcars in the spirit of the original event but a bit later, or with larger engines up to 700cc - all later Fiat 500s and 600s, later Citroen 2CVs, Berkeley B95s/105s, BMW 600s and 700s, NSU Prinz and many more.

Start preparing your microcar now for this truly unmissable adventure!!

Get your Entry Form and Regulations, and get your name on the list.

The route for Liège-Brescia-Liège 2018 runs from Liège to Liège via Karlsruhe, Munich, Misurina, Ljubljana, Carezza, Brescia, Merano, Bernried and Bretten, with lots of navigational challenges, interesting visits and fun circuit tests along the way.